Monday, November 30, 2009

Forward Movement

For the first time ever Bella made forward movement!! It's the closest to crawling we've ever gotten! Take a look at the video below. It may not seem like a lot, but to us it's huge!!

We got a wonderful, thoughtful gift from Grandma #3 (my Aunt Shelley) today and we love love love the goodies!!

She made this gorgeous blanket!!!

And gave Bella many ADORABLE outfits ... which you'll see in future posts. :)

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We did and are happy to celebrate what we're thankful for: our family & friends!
I have an amazing husband, a precious daughter and the best parents & sisters a gal could ask for. Our entire family is precious to me ...

Here are a few photos from the day!

We had lunch at Aunt Sandy & Uncle Merle's house with Tyler's family...

Luke enjoyed playing with Bella! He wore her out! :)
We had dinner at Em & Jer's house ...

John pulling my hair. :)
John giving Bella a kiss.
John teaching Bella how to play with their new toys from Great Grandma.
Auntie Em reading to the babies. I gave John a mohawk!!
We went to dinner recently with some friends ....
Sweetie in her Pumas and beautiful sweater Grandma made me MANY years ago. :)
My new favorite photo of me and baby B: Goodnight!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas take two

I tried to take a few more photos for our Christmas cards today. Here are some cute ones. We'll see what finally ends up on our cards. It will be a suprise! :)
oh and I didn't have a solid red onesie ... so there's a little pesky bunny that keeps appearing in some of her photos. You can bet that I won't be using those pictures for the card!!

(this girl is always sucking her thumb! ... and it's adorable!)

I'm standing!!!
Seriously ... is it time for lunch yet? I'm resorting to eating my bow!!

Look Mommy! There's a real kitty in my toy basket!!

Mommy and I played outside today ...

... we had a good time!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

hello ... kiss kiss

Our last 24 hours have been exciting! :)

Tyler and I ran to the mall with Bella to do a little Christmas shopping. We walked by Santa and stopped to take a peak. One of the elfs told us we could come visit with Santa ... so we did!

Bella met Santa.

She didn't smile.

She didn't cry.

We'll take it. She did pet his furry white sleeve though. :)

We were buying a gift and Bella started waving at the woman helping us!! We were thrilled! When we got home, we tried to get her to wave again. It wasn't exactly what she did at the mall ... she was doing a full on wave, but you get the idea.

This is just a video of Bella's new noise. She's a funny gal!

And B gave me her first kiss today!! I ask her for a kiss each night before bed and she finally picked up on what to do. It's no perfect pucker, but its adorable and slobbery!

I know she doesnt look happy in the video ... she had just choked on her spit. :) Whoops!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

joy ride

We'll start the post with a few random photos. Hopefully you can sneak a peak of her pearly whites ...

Last Saturday I had to work for a few hours. I came home and this is what I saw:
... it melts my heart. :)
Bella loves her Grandpa. And I have a funny feeling it's mutual!!

I tried taking a photo of Bella for our Christmas cards this weekend. It didn't go too well. :) I got a few cute photos but not one cute enough yet! Bella was a trooper though ... even with an itchy tutu that made her belly all red. :( She didn't seem to mind but I felt bad! Rubbed a little lotion on it & she was good as new.

We celebrated my Grandpa Chop Chop's 88th birthday on Saturday & had a great time.
It was a gorgeous day outside so the babies played in the front yard for a bit ...
(if only we could photoshop the two following images ... so both are smiling at the same time!)

John took Bella for a joy ride in her new walker. Take a look at the video - it's so cute!!

Aunt Jen made a cake

And Bella enjoyed it!!

John and Bella took a bath together. We had a runaway naked baby for a brief moment. (Sidenote: I can NOT get this photo to upload the right direction. Sorry!)