Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall is here!

It’s officially fall and we couldn’t be happier.  We’re loving the cooler weather and being able to spend a bit more time outside without sweating!

IMG_4390Tyler kindly got the fall & Halloween decorations down from the attic last night for me.

It currently looks like our house threw up Halloween.

Every time I set something out, Bella moves it, tries to eat it or manages to break it a bit.

Gotta love her!

Last weekend we found the main piece to her Halloween costume. 

Here’s  a sneak peek!!

 IMG_4353 IMG_4354

Last weekend Tyler and I tried to have a quiet cozy evening after Bella went to bed.  We decided to watch a movie … had our pillows, blankets, snacks & drinks all ready to go.

IMG_4344I put the movie in the PS3 player and it made some interesting noises.  Tyler quickly blamed Bella and said it’s because she’s always shoving CDs and DVDs in there.  I defended Bella until the bitter end … saying we just don’t know if that’s the true problem … it could be anything!

Tyler literally took the whole PS3 apart. The shell, case, CD-Rom (if that’s what it’s called) and after taking out the last teeny tiny screw, we saw one of my old debit cards inside the machine.

Guess Bella shoved it in the DVD slot.

Funny girl.

Well Tyler didn’t find as much humor in it as I did. :)

We also went to Jen & Brad’s for Jen’s 30th birthday celebration and had a really good time!

Jer bonded with Matthew.


Bella found some M&Ms.


What more could you want?

And in other random news …

Tyler started baking homemade bread! YUM. We decided to use the dough and make homemade pizza and it was delicious!


(oh boy, now I’m hungry)

Bella found her new favorite place to color & draw.


She also decided to give Daddy a make-over after bath time!


And she keeps GROWING! It’s not fair … she’s such a little girl now.

It literally makes my heart hurt!

  IMG_4375 IMG_4376

IMG_4381She also decided to help while I was cooking dinner earlier in the week.

And by help I meant take all of the towels out of the drawer and Tupperware from the cabinet.

She also found the oven mitts … and that was fun!

I go back to my doctor on Wednesday and we’re going to try again to find out if baby #2 is a boy or girl. Keep your fingers crossed!!

I’m really excited that my Mom is going with me … it’s so amazing to see your baby on a sonogram & know she’ll enjoy the special appointment!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Grandparents Day!

Last Sunday was Grandparents Day so we celebrated with a picnic.

It was also the first Cowboys game so we supported our team with our jerseys.

(Notice I’m not in these photos with my jersey? Oh that’s because mine isn’t a maternity jersey. So it was a bit small and short.  Not attractive)

IMG_4250 IMG_4256

Big baby Matthew! And I do mean big.

I do love a chunky baby!!

IMG_4257 IMG_4258 IMG_4262 IMG_4264 IMG_4272 IMG_4279 IMG_4281

Playing the drums on the trash cans … of course!


“Get this girl off me!”


We had a great time, even though it was a tad hot!

Just for fun … here’s a photo from last year’s grandparents day!

Last night we took  a 30 minute walk half way around our block.  Bella pushed her baby and had a great time, even though she was distracted by every car that drove by, all the trees, grass and anything that moved.


Toby followed us on the whole walk & at one point I even carried Toby and he was in heaven! Until Bella insisted on holding him … that wasn’t so fun for him.

IMG_4314 IMG_4315

IMG_4318This morning we painted.

Started with a paint brush and paper.

Ended up as finger painting & Bella and I were her canvas. 

She had a blast and I enjoyed every minute of it!

We both needed a serious shower after her art project.

IMG_4329 IMG_4331 IMG_4336

I’ll end with a few silly photos from the last week …

I found Bella in this Lego bin watching TV the other day.


I love when Tyler gives Bella a bath.  He gets her all soap and we call her the “"Soap Monster”!



She’s started brushing her own teeth and this is about a 10-15 minute process.  I made the mistake of taking away her tooth brush before she was done brushing the other night and she bit me.

Not good!

Miss perfect princess Bella isn’t so perfect after all!  She got in trouble and had a mad Mommy (who now has a bruise on her arm).

But I still love her dearly. 

To say the least!

Mr. and Mrs.

It’s official!

Kevin & Lacy are now Mr. & Mrs.

Their wedding was fabulous and perfect in every way & we were honored to be a part of their special day!

Bella prepared for the wedding weekend with her first manicure.

 IMG_4013 IMG_4015

Unfortunately she sucked off the flower decals on her thumbs before the rehearsal dinner, but that’s neither here nor there.

The car ride down to Fredericksburg was successful! She even enjoyed her first juice box.

And yes, she squeezed it on herself.


IMG_4022After about 5 hours we made it to the hotel!

Bella looked cute in her new J&J outfit as we saw Kevin and Lacy and they so sweetly gave the flower girl her first gift.

An ADORABLE purple tutu outfit for the rehearsal at the vineyard.

Too cute.

IMG_4033 IMG_4038

Bella and Foster (the ring bearer) did a great job during the rehearsal!!


Then we enjoyed the grape stomp festival!IMG_4084 IMG_4090

That evening we enjoyed the rehearsal dinner and Bella was a silly little lady!


Kevin and Lacy made sweet custom bears for Bella and Foster and Build-a-Bear. They both loved them!


I’m pretty sure Bella has a baby crush on Foster now. 


Maybe the crush is mutual?!

Here’s Foster sneaking a smooch.


The ceremony …

IMG_4169 IMG_4172 IMG_4177

Bella did a great job walking down the aisle.  She stopped for a few quick seconds to say “hi” to Grandma, Grandpa and Mommy … then went on her merry way down the aisle.

{I have a video of this but can’t seem to upload it with this new fancy Windows Live Writer.  If anyone knows how, please let me know and I’ll share}

A few post ceremony photos …

IMG_4184 IMG_4191 IMG_4193 IMG_4194

And a few ceremony photos. I don’t have many because Bella got really tired that night (it was a long weekend!) so I spent quite a bit of time with a crying, then eventually sleeping, little girl in my arms.

IMG_4197 IMG_4206 IMG_4223 IMG_4227

We truly couldn’t be happier for Mr. and Mrs. Stark!

We wish them a lifetime of love and happiness … and are thrilled to be there every step of the way.IMG_4239