Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bella, Bella and more Bella

I have quite a few photos of Miss Bella over the past week, but all of the photos are in backwards order. :) Opps!
Yesterday I squeezed Bella into an adorable (but 6 month) dress and took a few photos ... well because she's too cute for words!!
Last Saturday we went to the dog park and the park park. :) It was by Grams' house so she walked over with Dixie for a quick visit!

I was pushing Bella in the swing & I turn around and see this ...

... a group of people & kiddos flocked to Purdy and pet her. Purdy LOVED it ... it was too funny!

Uncle James carried Bella the whole time & She enjoyed playing pat-a-cake with Aunt Sarah.

We got some 12 month thermals for Bella and I thought it would be warm to sleep in. Bella did not agree! I think they were too tight. Poor pumpkin.
Chunky Monkey after her bath ...
And this is why you don't change Bella on the Living Room floor. She rolls away ... exposed!
What's in here?
and please don't be fooled. She didn't crawl to the entertainment center. She rolled there.
of course!
Three tired babies .......
A few pictures from the Pumpkin Patch last Sunday...

Bella and I had a nice visit with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa last week! :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

State Fair & more!!

I think we should start this post with one of my new favorite photos of Bella.
Saturday morning it was only in the 50's so Tyler and I decided to go on a walk with Bella and Purdy. We walked to a nearby park and Bella got to swing ... which she loves!!! :)

I also have a video of the swinging just in case the photos don't tell enough of the story.
A little sidenote: Purdy was tied to the pole on the swing, but this little boy came over to play with Purdy (you can probably see him in the background) and kept playing fetch with Purdy and throwing the stick just out of her reach. Ha!
Oh and a little warning on the video and above photos. Please try not to fall out of your chair when you see Tyler's pants. Here's our converstation Saturday morning as Tyler is trying to get dressed:
Tyler (holding up a pair of pajama pants): Are these pajamas?
Me (trying not to laugh): Yes, why don't you wear another pair of pants.
Tyler (holding up the awful pants that we bought in college for a gangster dress up party!!!!): Are these pajamas?
Me (trying to keep a straight face): YES!! (lying)
Tyler proceeded to put on the pants, which a mismatched shirt and giving me the stink eye the whole time. Yikes!

Here's another video I love of Bella. She loves Dora the Explorer! You just put it on TV and this is what you get:
Sunday we decided to go to the State Fair!
We had a good time and enjoyed seeing some animals, cars, and tasting some yummy food. Bella was such a good baby (as usual) and took it all in from her view in the stroller.

We saw a Doggy Dancing show which I thought was cute. Bella didn't seem too enthused. Can you tell?! :)

As we were heading towards the gate to leave it started to pour! So the end of our day was a little soggy, but Bella didn't seem to mind. :)

a few more cute photos and videos .....

Good Morning Bella!

Bath time! Here's Bella enjoying her new Halloween ducks all dressed in costume. Thanks Grams! I love them!

"What is on my head?!?"

All ready for Fall!
And Bella's newest "trick" (as of today) is talking in vowels instead of just high pitch "screaming". Yay!!
Thanks for visiting!! Love, Bella (and Mommy)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Bathing beauty does not like peas!

Well we found the first food Bella does NOT like! I tried giving her peas a few days ago and she wasn't too enthused. So I tried again today. She made such a funny face after the first bite that I had to grab my camera! After the 2nd bite I looked away to grab my camera and when I turn back around she is gagging on the peas!!!!

"Please Mom ... no more peas. Seriously!"
Bella is back to bathing in her tub, in the big tub. At least for now. She LOVES being able to splash and couldn't do it very well in the ring since her arms were too short.
She is our little bathing beauty!
Look at this smile. She's looking at Daddy. Doesn't this just melt your heart?!!

Here's B's photo shoot in her new "paris outfit". Thanks Grandma! :)
Okay ... that's enough!
In the bathtub again! Getting attacked by bubbles.

Just another cute outfit. :)

Bella is JUST like her Mommy. She' loves to eat the tag on all of her "babies".
Such a happy girl! Playing in her bouncer that cousing John loaned her.And thank you Grams for my new bows AND bow holder! :)

Bella loves to talk to that sweet baby (who looks JUST like her!) in the mirror. It's too cute.