Sunday, July 26, 2009

CZs are a baby girl's best friend

~~ Bella got her ears pierced! ~~
Saturday morning we took Bella to Claire's and she got her ears pierced. I was REALLY nervous and had butterflies in my tummy. Tyler held her & I looked the other way. Bella did a great job and cried for about 30 seconds and then was a-okay! She looks adorable.

~~ Photo shoot with Baby B ~~

My parents now have a big foam playmat at their house, thanks to Aunt Jen, and we took out the "B" and did a little photo shoot. :)

We tried to take a picture of John with his "J" but he kept eating it and crawling away ...

~~ Skinny dipping babies ~~

~~ Bows & Shopping ~~

This morning we went to Target to get mommy's new glasses & a few other things. Daddy carried B in her infant carrier and she loved it! She smiled & drooled the whole time!

We lost our first bow today in the store. I figure it's the first of many to loose. We bought her new, adorable bows to tame the crazy curls on top of her head. I must admit, they look super cute. Daddy keeps calling her "Bella lou-hou". :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

sweet Bella Boo

Again, nothing "special" to blog about today ... just feeling overwhelming love for Bella (as usual). Can't put it into words ... she's captured my heart and I love her to pieces!

She's still trying SO hard to roll over. Soon it will happen!

Monday, July 20, 2009

4 month check up

Bella had her 4 month check up today. But before we get to that ... let's talk about how unhappy Bella was all day today. I'm convinced it's because we leveled her mattress so she hasn't been sleeping on an incline for a few days now. She was sleeping "tilted" to help with her reflux. We leveled it because she kept rolling (even though we had the sleep positioner) and getting stuck every night in the rails. Today she kept having hysterical fits if I put her down. And my normal way to soothe her didn't work. I had to hold her over my shoulder ... so it made me think she needed to be vertical ... which means it could be her reflux. So we've tilted her mattress again and see if that helps.

Then she had her doctors appointment & 3 shots and that made things even worse! I gave her tylenol before going to the doctor and she seemed okay, but tired. She didn't sleep much today (partly because she was crying and partly because she woke up at 8:45am!) and actually fell asleep after seeing the doctor, while we waited for the nurse. The nurse came in and woke her up & gave her 3 shots. She was hysterical!! Tears streaming down her face and screaming. I finally calmed her down and she finally fell asleep in the car. As soon as I got her home I put her in the swing so she could nap but she woke up and screamed & cried for nearly an hour. Poor baby.
However, we got a great report from the doctor! Bella weighs 15 lbs 6 oz and is 26" long. She's in the 50th percentile for height, 50th percentile for weight & 49th percentile for her head size (don't remember what it was). She's doing wonderful, and we got the "ok" to pierce her ears! Looks like someone's going to have some dazzling jewelry in her near future. The doctor also said to wait until she's 6 months to start cereal. I had a feeling we wouldn't be starting now ... since she's had so many tummy issues.
Here are a few pictures from today...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

fairly uneventful week!

It was a pretty quiet week for us ... which was nice! Bella met a new friend early in the week - Korbin. They had fun playing and hanging out. Korbin brought some new books for Bella and we've been enjoying reading them!

Bella has been sucking her thumb like crazy!!! It's super cute.

I tried to go to the grocery store alone this week. So I tested out a new position with Bella in the sling. All went well until we reached the produce section - then she had a meltdown!! Not good.

We got new PJs for Bella, since she isn't swaddled anymore. Tyler picked them out and they are adorable. Here's one pair (is it called a pair of pajamas? sounds funny ...)

And here's how Bella wakes up in the morning. Happy!!!

Yesterday Bella and I hung out at Auntie Em & Uncles Jer's house while Tyler played softball. Isn't this a CUTE picture?

Monday, July 13, 2009

she laughed!!!!

I could tell over the last few days that Bella was on the verge of laughing. Today ... it happened! The first time we tried SO hard to get the camera in time to catch it on video but no such luck. Then I tried later this afternoon and she gave me a weird laugh/high pitch scream.

Tyler gave Bella a bath and after I gave her a bottle & got her ready for bed ... she did it again! Tyler ran in with the camera and this is what we got. Please ignore her funky hair and her boy clothes. Grandma let us borrow this sleep sack since we don't swaddle our little princess anymore ... and she gets cold at night! If she wasn't laughing, I'd never share this embarassing footage showing Bella dressed as a boy. :)

on a side note ... she also started sucking her thumb yesterday. This has been a big week so far!!!

This is how I found Bella this morning. She moves around like crazy when she sleeps! She managed to get her arm and leg stuck in the rails.

Lastly ... if you were wondering where Bella got her one curl ... here's your answer. I showered last night and didn't "do" my hair. This is what I woke up with! All day tyler kept saying my hair is "crazy". He was right. (the second picture is so blury, but gives a much better outline of the madness taking place on my head)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

curly Q

Look at this funny little curl Bella has developed. I guess the hair on the top of her head is getting longer .... and she has a bit of a curl or wave to her hair.

She's gonna be a heart breaker! :)

Bella is still thinking about rolling over ... just hasn't happened yet.

Auntie Em with the babies at grandma & grandpa's house this weekend!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

jump jump jump

Tyler has been waiting for nearly 4 months ... and today ... he caved. He took the jumpster out of the box and set it up in the doorway. He kept saying "i think she will really like it!" She wasn't too enthused at first (because she was asleep in my arms when he picked her up to put her in!) but she seemed to like it after a while. We got some smiles and I think it will really help her gain strength in her legs & continue to gain strength in her neck & "core"!!

Notice her arm inside the "seat". She's a little small for it but it's do-able.

And a video ...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Family & the DMA!

Good Morning Bella!! This is how we find her many mornings! Smiling and stuck in the rails.

Daddy is thrilled that Bella is almost ready to be carried in his infant carrier! He keeps testing it out to see if her neck is strong enough. :)

Bella hung out at great grandma & grandpa's new apartment with us while we moved them in. Look how excited she is for them to be in Texas!

Bella met some of Tyler's family for the first time on Monday night!
Bella with Uncle Merle.

Aunt Sandy and Bella

the cousins playing ...

Grandpa, Bella and Luke

Tammy and Townes!

Today we ventured to the Dallas Museum of Art! They had kid activities today so Aunt Jen, John, Kinsey & Tucker met us for a fun afternoon!!
boys playing the drum
We had a fun day! Thanks for inviting us Aunt Jen!