Monday, April 19, 2010

Softball & Sandals

Last Thursday Bella and Mommy watched Daddy play softball.  Tucker was at the game with his Mommy too watching his Daddy play.  Bella loves spending time with Tucker and following him around playing “trucks”.


IMG_2333Auntie Em and Uncle Jer came to watch the game too!

We had a great time and enjoyed the beautiful Texas weather and good company.

Daddy’s team won so it was a good game!

Bella has been a curious little girl and getting into everything! She’s been playing under Mommy’s desk (can you tell Mommy joined her?)


And she loves splashing in Purdy’s water bowl.


My oh My does it make a mess! :)

But she has a blast and that’s all that matters.


B is enjoying her new bench from Grams!!

IMG_2415Don’t you just love this outfit? A onesie and sandals. Bella crawled to her dresser, pulled herself up, reached on her tippy-toes and grabbed these shoes.  Then crawled to Mommy and put her tootsies out and wore the sandals until she took a bath that night.

IMG_2416Mommy and Bella had a special lunch date last week. 

The weather was gorgeous so we decided a picnic would be fun!

We grabbed some chicken nuggets and a blanket and enjoyed a fabulous outing at Chisolm Park with the ducks.

  IMG_2418 IMG_2420

Bella recently decided it would be fun to take the tray off our ottoman and take everything out to make room for herself.

She brought two of her favorite things with her.

Her “baby” and animal crackers.

Gotta love this girl.

IMG_2466 IMG_2469 

Lastly, look at this photo I captured during lunch today.  Our house is like a crazy petting zoo.

And you can see Bella with her left leg, as usual, on the table.  We’re still working on our manners. Can you tell?


Sunday, April 11, 2010

this I know

Yesterday Bella turned 13 months old. We love her more & more each day and have learned so much as we’ve watched her grow and develop into our little princess.

She’s sweet yet feisty.

She’s a drama queen and can cry (with tears) in a blink of an eye.

She loves her “baby” and has to hold it while sucking her thumb to sleep.  It will comfort her when she’s tired or sad. And luckily we have two so we are never without one.


Bella loves food. Especially cheerios, bananas!, apples, pasta, bagels, graham crackers and raisins!!


She always shares her food with Purdy. And sometimes Toby if he hangs around long enough.

Bella now sits at the table like a big girl … but ALWAYS sits with her left leg over the side of the chair. Always. Sometimes her little tootsies even sneak onto the table.


Bella loves bubbles and playing outside.


She adores Dora and likes to dance when she hears music.

She loves getting her way and has to be the center of attention. Always.

She likes to cuddle.

She loves to walk, although is still learning so has to hold onto someone/something. She has the balance but doesn’t trust herself to let go yet.

Bella loves her Daddy. And loves to take off his glasses.


She sits like Mommy used to.


Bella loves Purdy, Toby and Claire and squeals when she seems them.

She can give kisses by leaning her forehead towards you.

Bella smiles at the world and will let anyone hold her.

Bella loves to “dress up” and wear necklaces, bracelets and always admires everyone’s jewelry.

IMG_2264         She points and grunts at everything and sounds like a monkey more often than not.

Bella has learned to hit although Mommy is doing her  best to teach her that is not okay!

She loves to explore and get into everything!


Bella is our world and we simply love her.