Sunday, March 28, 2010

Eggstravaganza Uno

First, someone please tell me how our little Bella got so big!! She’s getting so strong and stable (still not walking, but thinking about it!) and is the sweetest, biggest bundle of love.

She’s getting very affectionate and loves to “kiss” and snuggle and wants to be held all of time … well most of the time.

Bella is getting very good at repeating words and making sounds to begin words. She’s always been chatty and it seems like soon we may actually be able to understand what she’s saying. Yay!

We went to dinner at “Uncle” Kevin’s house Friday night and had a wonderful time with great friends! Bella wore a new outfit from Auntie Em and Uncle Jer. Too cute! IMG_1940 IMG_1943

Saturday morning we went to Grapevine for Bella’s first Egg Hunt!  Grandma, Grandpa and Grams went with us & we had a great time on a beautiful day.

Bella got her face painted.  She tried to eat the paint brush.  Then turned away because it tickled her face.  The end result was pretty stinkin’ cute!

IMG_1949 IMG_1950 IMG_1987

Then B and I got ready for the Egg Hunt! She got TWO eggs! Yippee!

IMG_1954 IMG_1959 IMG_1969

We met Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny. IMG_1975

And enjoyed special time with her GRANDparents!

IMG_1976 IMG_1981 IMG_1983 IMG_1984 

We visited the petting zoo and it was so fun to see all the furry little animals! I held a guinea pig and a soft bunny! 

IMG_1991 IMG_2002

We had a great morning!

IMG_2012 IMG_2013 IMG_2016 IMG_2019 IMG_2020 IMG_2021 IMG_2023 IMG_2025 IMG_2027 IMG_2030 IMG_2034 IMG_2037 IMG_2038 IMG_2046

Monday, March 22, 2010

goodbye Neocate

Hello Whole Milk.
And yogurt, REAL cheese, dairy and soy.
What a journey we’ve been on!
232323232fp43336_nu=3256_5;;_6;2_WSNRCG=323387;;8;4;3nu0mrjBella was diagnosed with MSPI (milk soy protein intolerance) and reflux when she was 6 weeks old. She had been struggling to gain weight and was loosing weight at one point. She cried (and cried … and cried), was a gassy little lady, made some incredible noises while trying to nurse and was visibly uncomfortable.  Her intestines were irritated from trying to break down milk/soy proteins she was getting from my breast milk & from the formula we used to supplement. Once she started having some blood in her diapers we were sent to a fabulous GI doctor and things have been looking up ever since!!
Flash forward one year and she’s our healthy, HAPPY, beautiful little girl.
80% of babies grow out of MSPI by the time they are one so we did our “trial” over the last week and all signs point to “go”.
Today will be the first day without Neocate.
I’m nervous (especially after last night! She was hysterical for a while and I had visions from a year ago when her belly hurt!) but I’m hoping for the best!
We started introducing yogurt and will continue to add foods with milk & soy.
The thought of not having to read labels anymore is simply wonderful.  And the money we’ll save from being able to purchase “regular” food and no more pricey Neocate is a blessing!!
So everyone cross their fingers today and say a little prayer.
Here are a few BEFORE photos:
A few AFTER photos.
I think the medicine and Neocate worked!! 232323232fp432;6_nu=3256_5;;_6;2_WSNRCG=327_;67249326nu0mrj 232323232fp432;8_nu=3256_5;;_6;2_WSNRCG=324_486_8;326nu0mrj july
Here’s a good comparison.  We have her baby doll in both photos.   232323232fp432___nu=3256_5;;_6;2_WSNRCG=323387;;8;498nu0mrj232323232fp432_9_nu=3256_5;;_6;2_WSNRCG=327_;67235326nu0mrj

Thursday, March 18, 2010

it’s my party …

… and I'll pout of if I want to!


Bella celebrated her first birthday last weekend with her friends & family and everyone who loves her to pieces!

She started the party off a little “off” since she just woke up from a nap. But then she kicked it into party gear and had a wonderful day!

A few decorations …

IMG_1618DSCF3161 IMG_1604DSCF7853DSCF7854 

A few friends…

  IMG_1637 IMG_1639 IMG_1153

Some fabulous family…


Bella and all of her great grandparents.


No one is looking at the camera.IMG_1650  DSCF7860DSCF7863DSCF7864

A few gifts!


DSCF7916 DSCF7920 DSCF7950

and some yummy cake!