Sunday, May 15, 2011

remember us!?

Yes we’re still around! I’ve just been so bad about blogging … sorry!

Bella and Lilly are getting so big and are sweet and fun and adorable as ever!


Our little family is perfect and we are loving {every} minute of every day!


Lilly is laughing and smiling and thinks Bella is just the greatest! Even tonight as they were taking a bubble bath together … B was playing with her ducks and talking & singing and Lilly just sat there watching her and laughing.


Bella is SO verbal and talks in full sentences. She repeats everything and likes to be my little mini-me.  Lilly is getting to be chatty herself …  We think we’re going to have a loud house!

Lilly got her ears pierced!


Bella got some rain boots … and loves them!


The girls met the Eater Bunny.


Lilly started eating solids (this was our 2nd try … we tried for a few days about a month ago and she wasn’t ready) 2 nights ago and is already a champ! Not too surprising if you looked at her sweet rolls.


B still loves stickers!


Lilly still loves to snooze!


Bella loves to sing and dance. Her favorites lately are the ABC’s (which she can sing completely now … well it gets a little fuzzy around L M N O P), the Fish song and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Lilly is doing great at tummy time and holds her head up so well! She is getting good at bouncing in her jumper and can grab toys and bring them to her mouth.  She “eats” everything!


B loves our Friday “Movie Night”s and runs to her room and grabs her “piddow” and blanket & gets cozy as she waits for the movie to start.


Lilly started rolling from her belly to her back. Although we’re keeping her off her back as much as possible because her head is getting a little funny.

{fingers crossed we don’t need a helmet}


Bella started having terrible nightmares EVERY night. So sad … we’re doing all we can do remedy this. Lights on, doors open, flash light (in her bed!), sweet happy bed time stories, checking for “monsters” before bed, etc. Unfortunately she still wakes up terrified & crying so she usually ends up in bed with us at some point. I hear her scared and talking in her sleep while she’s in our room so it’s definitely nightmares, not just being afraid in her room.


Lilly tries to “escape” from her Bumbo. Luckily those thighs keep her locked in tight.


Bella and Lilly are loving this beautiful weather!


I’ll end with a few funny photos.

I try so hard to get photos of the two of them together … this is often how it ends up.