Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Love all around

Saturday Janet, Becky and I threw a bridal shower for Lacy.  For those of you that don’t know, she’s marrying one of our best best friends, Kevin.  

Below is a photo of Tyler and Kevin in Dec. of 1982 … Tyler (with the red rattle in his mouth) is about 5 months old and Kev is 9 months old.

tyler and kevWe are beyond thrilled and can’t wait for their big day & the endless memories that will follow!! Tyler is of course in the wedding and Miss Bella is the flower girl!

Simply because it’s my favorite photo, I’ll share another picture from about 20 years ago!

From Left to Right: Tyler, Kevin, Hillary, Me, Emily

What memories … and what memories we’ve made over the last 20 years.  Can’t wait to see what the next twenty bring!

fav photo

Bella looked beautiful at the shower, although she was NOT a fan of her adorable dress from Grams. She cried when I tried it on her that morning and kept trying to pull it off at the shower.  She’s learning young that beauty doesn’t come easy. Sometimes you just have to sacrifice.


Luckily it’s easy to distract Bella with food!


And she enjoyed sitting in the middle of all the ladies at the shower and play with the ribbons, bows, tissue paper and bags.


After the shower we took off her dress, she took a serious cat nap (until she smelled french fries for hungry Mommy) and then played with Daddy and Grandma & Grandpa while Mommy took her own little cat nap!


Sunday morning Tyler & I treated our little family to breakfast at Baileys! This is a splurge for us, but we really enjoyed it and Tyler has been working very hard lately and deserved it.

After yummy breakfast we strolled through Lowes and got a few paint samples for Bella’s Big Girl Room.  I purchased some (king sized) bedding last week and are on our way to getting her room going! Unfortunately we don’t like the colors we picked are back to square one with paint, but will get there!!

After Lowes we took Bella to a great park near us and enjoyed the swings, slides and nature paths.

Tyler worked on fixing a new (to us) lawn mower and Bella helped tremendously!

IMG_3700 IMG_3705

Monday we met Kinsey, Tucker and Emily at the splash park for a fun morning! Bella and Tucker had a blast!!!

IMG_3708 IMG_3712

The water turns on and off at different stations and every time the water turned off she looked so puzzled. :) This girl makes me laugh!

IMG_3717  IMG_3722

This morning Bella and I had a fun “art lesson” in the backyard.   We tried to work on our colors a bit as she painted and colored some beautiful new pieces of art.


In addition to the paper, she managed to paint me ….


And herself …


And innocent Toby …


Then she played in her dollhouse.IMG_3764 

And we swam for a bit to rinse off all the paint!


Tomorrow MATTHEW will make his fashionable entrance into the world & we’re getting up bright and early to meet him!  Stay tuned for photos of Bella’s newest cousin!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


On Friday July 9th, Chick fil A gave out free meals to anyone dressed as a cow.  So that afternoon during nap time, I fashioned up some cow costumes.

IMG_3591 IMG_3593

(why Tyler is holding Bella like she has a stinky diaper I’ll never know)


It was completely worth it and Bella was hands down the cutest cow I’ve ever seen!

Even Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Jer and Auntie Em came to see us & Sarah dressed up!


The next day we enjoyed a BBQ and pool party.

Uncle James was being silly as usual!


Bella enjoyed watermelon & some yummy cupcakes Mommy made.

IMG_3614 IMG_3616

Bella got to spend some QT with baby Tyler … who was adorable and flashed some serious smiles!


I’ve been trying some new recipes to spice up our dinners and Bella particularly loved the Mexican Casserole I whipped up!


Bella’s also taken a special liking to the kitties lately.  Luckily Toby is very patient and a sweet cat.


In non-Bella news, Mommy got a hair cut!

IMG_3627 IMG_3631

And we visited the Bedford Farmers Market on Friday to buy the produce items off our grocery list. It was fun & great way to help out local farmers.


Although Bella and I are both under the weather (yes Mommy is still sick! and now Bella is running a fever today) we thoroughly enjoyed the splash park with Daddy yesterday!


Tomorrow we’ll take it easy (Mommy has a BIG night out planned … going to see my Michael!) and hopefully can gather enough energy to work on a paint project I have planned!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Catch Up

Okay I admit, I’ve been a bad blogger. In my defense I’ve been sick & pregnant ... bad combo.

So here’s a glimpse at the last few weeks with our sweet Bella!

We celebrated Father’s Day with a big breakfast and a few surprises!


Bella giving Daddy some sugar on his special day!!IMG_3436

A little outfit for Baby J #2!!

(Tyler always called Bella “little buddy” and that's what the onesie says)


Tyler is such a wonderful Daddy and we treasure him!!!IMG_3465

We’ve spent many hot summer days cooling off at Grandma & Grandpa’s pool!


Taken quite a few baths with John … Bella has even started bathing him!


Bella had her 15 month check up!
She is in the 90th percentile for weight (weighing 26 lbs 6 oz) and is in the 80th percentile for height (31.5” tall).  Her head is still off the charts.  Tyler said she has a true Jamotta head.

She was sick at her check up (some icky stomach infection) so didn’t get her shots that day.  We went back for her shots the next week and I had to wake her from a nap.

She wasn’t thrilled – can you tell?


But she did get her first lollipop after the shots!IMG_3470

She spent some time with her furry friends … old & new. IMG_3480 IMG_3517

B spent some time with her great grandparents!  IMG_3458IMG_3430   

Enjoyed a delicious treat!


Loved playing in the rain & puddles!IMG_3536

Dressed like a ballerina & did some serious shoe shopping with Mommy & Daddy!


And had a fun Fourth of July!

 IMG_3546 IMG_3554 IMG_3561 IMG_3565