Saturday, May 30, 2009

2 feet tall

Bella went to the GI doctor yesterday and she's growing like a weed! She's 24" long, which puts her in the 90th percentile for height!! She weighs 11 pounds 2 ounces which puts her in the 50th (or a little less) percentile for weight. If you look at the height to weight ratio (which is what the doctor really looks at) she's dropped a little since she's so long and is a bit under the 5th percentile again. She's gaining really well ... more than her "goal" ... so the doctors are pleased. We go back again in 4 weeks.

Her belly seems "okay" and her reflux is a bit worse right now since we're switching medicines. She's started throwing up daily & spitting up quite a bit, but she doesn't seem to be in pain when it happens. Just means she gets a lot more baths and goes through all her pretty clothes!!

So here are a few random photos from the week ....

Although this is Bella's "sad" face, it still melts my heart!! This is right before she's about to start crying.

Bath time!!!

This is what happens when Bella throws up when she eats ... she's forced to finish her bottle in the nude! :)

Look at that belly!

Trying to get a good photo of a baby and a dog is hard!! This is the best so far.
Today was Bella's first softball game! Grandma and Grandpa came to cheer for Tyler (and see Bella!)
Bella got to spend some QT with her main squeeze ... Tucker! He was being so good and eating Cheerios and Goldfish like a big boy! A few ended up on the ground, but that's okay!

Go Daddy!!!

Look at the flowers Bella got from Mina at Park Cities! We buy rugs from her at work and she was very sweet to send a gorgeous arrangement. It's huge!
Thanks for visiting! :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

look how I've grown!

Bella has grown SO much! Here she is at 4 weeks weighing about 6 lbs 5 oz ...

(doesn't that picture just break your heart?)
And here she is today at 11 weeks & 1 day old, weighing over 10 pounds!! We go back to the GI doctor Friday so I'll let you know then exactly what our littly chunky monkey weighs!!
How cute is she?!?!?!?!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Swallow Study was a Success!!

Bella had her swallow study today and I have good news to report! She has a perfect swallow!!! :)
Bella had to sit in a little blue foam chair while they fed her Barium & they took a continuous x-ray of her eating. The Barium is a contrast liquid so you could see it going down her throat as she drank - it was so cool!!! The nurse said she never aspirated (when the fluid goes down the tube to her lungs) which is what they were looking for.
Great news!
The nurse fed her and said she needs "chin support" as she eats, so hopefully that helps with future feedings. She also said everything that's happening (gasping for air, "growling" or gurguling at the end of feedings, etc) is related to her reflux. The loud gulping and noise she makes while eating could be because she doesn't have a 100% efficient suck, therefore she's overcompensating. The nurse mentioned that she had a high palette (not terribly high) and this could be the reason she had such a hard time breastfeeding.
We have to keep Bella on her medicine for reflux and have her sleep somewhat upright ... so either in her boppy or swing for naps & we have to tilt her crib and use a positioner to keep her from rolling down the mattress. :)
I met with the dietician again today and told her Bella's belly still hurts and I asked if she maybe wasn't tolerating her reflux medicine. (She started on Neocate and Prevacid on the same day) It turns out that Prevacid has milk proteins in it!!!! Hello!!! There are very small amounts of protiens so the doctor figured it wouldn't bother Bella, but if her stomach is that sensitive then it could be the problem. So hopefully when the doctor gets back on Tuesday they'll give us a prescription for a different reflux medicine and hope that is the last piece to the puzzle. If not ... well I don't know where to go from there.
Overall ... great news!! She looked SO cute doing her swallow study. Our nurse went to get the doctor and told some of the other nurses how cute she was and all of the sudden all of these women came into the xray room just oohhing and aahhing over her. Here are some pictures!

"Hi Mommy!!!"
Like my 101 Dalmations lead apron???

Aunt Hill went with us to the hospital and she was a huge help! She was able to hold Bella while I filled out a ton of paperwork and help with the stroller and diaper bag while I carried Bella to the many rooms we visited! Thanks Aunt Hillary!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

so in love...

She MELTS my heart!

10 weeks old!!

Can you believe it?? Bella is 10 weeks old. Is it too early to be sad that she's growing up so fast?
She had her 2 month check up today and it went well!
**She weighs TEN pounds even**
**She is 22.5" long**
**Her head is 15" around**
This puts her in the 50th percentile for height & 27the percentile for weight but still less than 3rd percentile for height to weight ratio.
She's right on track for her development ...
She smiles, coos and can lift her head & turn it side to side when laying on her belly.
She got her shots and was NOT happy about that! She cried hysterically immediately, but as soon as I was able to hold her, she calmed down and was back to smiling by the time I was checking out. She was a litle sore/unhappy today so I gave her Tylenol & we snuggled most of the afternoon.
The doctor said she should laugh out loud at around 4 months and should be able to lift her head while on her belly around 4 months. Teeth could start to arrive at 6 months!! :)
We have her Swallow Study on Friday and hopefully we'll get a few more answers about her reflux. She's been doing much better and took 3.5 ounces at all but 2 feedings today! We still have a few things to overcome, mostly all related to her reflux, but she's made huge improvements!
Here are a few random photos from this weekend. We had pictures taken with Alana from 1000 Words Photography (which I can't WAIT to see!). Bella went to a restaurant for the first time for lunch after the photos. Here's grandma and grandpa with baby Bella.
Proud mommy & daddy!

Bella in all pink going to Grandma and Grandpa's house. Isn't the bow adorable? We can thank Grams for that!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

shake shake shake

****breaking news****
There was a 3.3 earthquake this morning in Bedford/Euless! I was in the nursery changing Bella and Tyler was in the Living Room. I felt the drawers on Bella's dresser shake and it sounded like someone slammed a door. Tyler asked if I felt "that" and went outside & heard our neighbors talking about what they felt. Tyler thought our big pretty Oak tree fell on our house! It was small but officially our first (and hopefully last) earthquake!
****return to blogging****
Bella and I went to visit Grandma at work yesterday for lunch. We took Bella shopping at Kohl's for the first time but she did not like it! She was upset most of the day yesterday which leads me to believe that she doesn't really dislike shopping - thank God! What would I do with a daughter who didn't want to shop with me?!?
After we got home she was still upset & not feeling well. Poor baby got sick (threw up!) last night and this morning after feedings. Hopefully she just has a little bug and this isn't related to her reflux! We should find out this week at the Swallow Study what's going on. She's also stuffy still and has a little cough ... which the nurse told me yesterday could be symptoms of her reflux. Who knew!
Even though she wasn't feeling 100%, she looked ADORABLE yesterday. Grandma didn't like her outfit ... it was too big, I'll admit, but Grandma didn't think it was practical and said it was "annoying". Regardless, she looks like a doll - don't you think??

Doesn't it look like she's doing the "jump & click your heels" number?

This one is by far my favorite!!!
Baby John let Bella borrow his play mat since he doesn't use it anymore. She had fun playing with her toys!!
Daddy fed Bella this morning (right before she got sick) and she felt much better afterwards! Daddy was singing to her before her much needed bath and she loved it!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I caught it ...

I was finally able to capture Bella's precious smiles on video! If you can make it to the end you'll see a few big smiles. :) Such a sweet baby!!!

sick babies :(

All of my babies are sick! Boo. Tyler has a sinus infection & although I don't want him to be sick, I'm thrilled that he's staying home with us today! Bella has a cold so is very stuffy and has a sad pathetic cough. We think Purdy has an ear infection ... she won't leave her ear alone!! Hopefully they all start to feel better soon.
This has been a pretty calm and uneventful week. Bella's feedings are like a rollercoaster! One feeding she'll eat like a champ and then she'll struggle for an hour to get 2 ounces down at the next feeding. Poor thing. I talked to the nurse earlier in the week because she hasn't been getting her the 3-1/2 to 4 ounces at each feeding this week. They suggested we thicken her formula with rice cereal to help with her reflux. HA!! An hour & a half and 2.5 ounces later we decided that didn't work for her. They put her on another medicine for her belly, in addition to her reflux medicine & hopefully that does the trick. Her 2:30am and 6:30am feedings were great! She drank 3.5 ounces each time in about twenty minutes. She must have been really worn out after all that work because her next feeding she barely got 2 ounces. We're making good progress though!!
We've also learned that Bella is our litle Rotating Houdini! She sleeps in her crib now (instead of the bassinet) and she manages to un-swaddle herself and rotate 45 degrees. Silly girl.

This seems to be the only trick that works to keep Bella's binky in without me holding it for her! Just use her cute pony to prop it in her mouth while she swings. :) It looks like they're kissing!

Purdy is fascinated by Bella - especially when we do tummy time or play on the floor. Purdy always lays with us & licks her feet or watches her play. Too cute. She's been so good with Bella and is very gentile!

Here's a funny little smile ...

I've been trying really hard to capture Bella's smiles on video and it's hard!! I thinks he's camera shy. She'll smile BIG smiles for quite a few minutes so I'll run and get the camera & then she settles down. This is the best I've gotten so far ...

ps - i have NO idea how to rotate a video ... so you'll have to turn your head a bit. :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

FUN filled weekend!


We went to Tucker's Birthday Party on Saturday afternoon and had a blast! Kinsey did an amazing job planning his Safari party. Here is the big boy opening his gifts ...

Tucker is enjoying his swing from Mommy & Daddy!

Kinsey made safari hats for the boys at the party. Bella was the only girl & got a pretty giraffe bow!!


Bella made her first trip to Aunt Jen & Uncle Brad's house to celebrate Uncle Brad's birthday and Mother's Day. We had so much fun and loved spending time with the family. Enjoy the pictures ...

What a perfect day. Tyler made me a delicious breakfast and we spent the day relaxing with Bella. Tyler got me a beautiful aquamarine ring, which is Bella's birthstone, and Bella bought me tulips - my favorite!!! I'm the luckiest girl in the world!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Tucker!

We hope you have a fun birthday & can't wait to celebrate with you tomorrow!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

8 weeks old!

We've had a big, exciting week so far and I know the best is yet to come! Bella turned 8 weeks old on Tuesday and she weighed 8 lbs 8 oz when I took her to the hopsital for her follow up newborn screening test. She was exactly 2 pounds heavier than the day she was born - yea!! Here she is, pretty in pink on Tuesday.
Tell me .... how cute is this outfit? Another one of my mom's friend at work, Tonya, had a precious preemie and she gave me some of her clothes for Bella. Doesn't my mom have some wonderful friends??

Oh this is my favorite. It literally melts my heart when she smiles. She loves to smile when I kiss her ... :)

Grandma and I took Bella back to the GI doctor today and according to their scale she weighs NINE pounds TWO ounces!!!!! She's gained TWO pounds in the last TWO weeks!!! She's our little piggie! They think she's making up for lost time and should "level out" soon.

The doctor thinks her belly is still irritated from the small amount of milk/soy protiens in the Alimentum (her current formula) so we've changed her formula again. She's now on Neocate, which is a special hypoallergenic formula that is amino acid based. What does that mean? I'm not 100% sure, but I think it's man made proteins that are in the simplest form so it doesn't bother Bella's belly

We are also going for a suck/swallow study to observe how she eats because the NP saw Bella eat and said she doesn't have a good suction while nursing. I could have told you that! We'll see what they say.

And we're starting Bella on reflux medicine so that should help also!

Here are pictures from today. Doesn't Bella look pretty in the BEAUTIFUL sweater Grandma made for her?? My mom is very talented and Bella loves to be with her and show off her handy work!

Here are a few more pictures from earlier in the week. Our little purple monster. :)

We have a big weekend ahead of us! Saturday we are going to Tucker's First Birthday party (yea!!) and going to Aunt Jen & Uncle Brad's house to celebrate Brad's Birthday and Mother's Day. This is Bella's first trip to their house ... she'll be able to hang out with John on his own turf. :)
On Sunday Tyler, Bella and I will be celebrating my first Mother's Day!!!
I'll post pictures of our exciting weekend soon!